What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of improving not only the amount of traffic to your website, but also improving the quality of traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is usually done to improve search results for individual websites, but it can also be implemented for image search results and local map results. This website focuses on website search engine optimization, though it does mention image optimization and local map results as well, as part of a complete and thorough view of search engine optimization.

When someone optimizes their website for search engines, they will be required to edit the content of the website itself, such as text and images, as well as the HTML of the website. Only very basic knowledge of HTML is required in order to implement SEO on a website, especially if they have access to a content management system (website editor), which is now extremely common. This makes it extremely possible for almost anyone with nearly any level of computer literacy, web design knowledge, or marketing experience to optimize their own website.

Search engine optimization is more than a collection of "rules". It has changed a lot over the years, and has gotten much more complex, comparatively. It is, however, still a relatively easy field to become an expert in. One simply has to understand what the search engines look for, what they want to see, what they view as important. While there may be a daunting amount of important things to know and remember about SEO in order to be a successful optimizer, it is not insurmountable. There is no special "computer language" you do not know or advanced concept that is required in order to start learning and implementing SEO. It simply takes a knowledge of the important concepts and specific factors to concentrate on, and some potentially abusive tactics to stay far away from.

In essence, one must know and understand the whole picture before they become anything close to a search engine optimization expert - both the good, and the bad. That way, they know what practices to emphasize, what practices to stay away from, and why. This website will attempt to explain not only what to do and what not to do, but also the "why" of everything mentioned.


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