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Welcome to the SEO Resources section of this website. Here you'll find the absolute best of the best resources available to help you with your optimizations. I've included a list of the most helpful Guides, Software, Tools, and Training that are available. These are all excellent resources for beginners and experts alike:

SEO Guides

Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself  is hands-down the best guide on learning absolutely everything you need to know about SEO. When it comes to covering every important aspect, no other guide can touch it. It covers all of the essential concepts in a conversational manner and explains some of the more difficult concepts quickly and clearly. I've made this guide is available on this website, so go ahead and check it out: Click here to get your SEO Guide today.

This is a free guide written by Dan Richmond, the Senior Consultant at Link Assistant. He's written a great deal and his teaching style is superb. He's still adding to the book though, so you'll be reading a work in progress. In this case, that's a good thing - readers can contribute, discuss and comment on what they're reading. Dan is great about writing exact, simple steps to get top search results - this guide is definitely worth a look.  Check out SEO in Practice.

Google's free guide allows you to go straight to the source. While this is an extremely light guide that covers only the general basics, it does so simply and eloquently. If you're looking for something a little bit more substantial, I'd recommend one of the options above. Learn more about Google's starter guide (PDF).

SEO Software

After hearing about a bunch of first-time optimizers using this software to easily capture front-page rankings, traffic and sales in their first few weeks online, I had to check it out. I was so impressed by the software that I even worked out a deal to give you instant access to download it at no cost to see for yourself just how powerful it is. If you want the secret to quick, profitable, high traffic Google rankings - the secret is finding the "right" keywords... and this software will help you achieve just that: Get your FREE 12 Day Trial NOW. (Make sure to watch the video as well!)

Link Assistant's PowerSuite software offers the most complete set of software tools available in the market. The software is extremely easy to use, requiring absolutely no skill whatsoever. The software guides you through every task necessary in order to achieve #1 rankings. It's extremely reliable software that's frequently updated. The link-building features alone make this software worth much more money than it is. The only reason I didn't give this software an A+ is because it is a bit expensive (but definitely still worth it). Check out the SEO PowerSuite.

SEO Tools

SEOmoz offers both free and paid-for tools. While the free tools definitely have their uses, the pro membership is definitely the way to go if you want the whole package. The tools and knowledge bases that come with their pro membership that end up paying for themselves - quickly. The subscription for the tools is a bit pricey, but for the quality and functionality of the tools and information you'll have access to, it's definitely within the consumer price range. It's actually quite amazing since clients like Microsoft, Yelp, Disney, eBay and Marriott dominate the search engines by using the tools from SEOmoz. Take Advantage of the tools SEOmoz provides to become a SEO expert!

SEO Book offers some of the best and most useful tools to be found anywhere... and most of the tools are absolutely free. In addition to the free tools, SEO Book premium members have access to a variety of exclusive premium tools that aren't shared with the general public. Some of their tools include: Keyword tool, Competitive Research, Rank Checker, Toolbar, Search Analytics, PPC tools, and much more. Check out SEO Book's Free Tools. Click Here!

Before I learned about Market Samurai (click here), I thought this was one of the best search-based keyword research tools. It not only shows you how popular your keywords are, it also shows you how much competition (to a degree) there is for that keyword. For free tools, it's still considered an excellent choice. Visit the Google Search Based Keyword Tool.

SEO Training

SEOmoz has a training program that includes tutorial videos, guides, tools, and much more. Most of their training content is created by some of the greatest minds and talents in the field. The SEOmoz pro membership resources have gotten wild reviews and have been known to be quite the game changer for most businesses and individuals that have access to them. However, it is a bit expensive and probably not the best option for those of you who are just starting to learn about optimizing. Start training at

SEO Book has over 100 training modules, covering topics like: keyword research, link building, site architecture, website monetization, pay per click ads, tracking results, and more. They also offer an interactive community forum and members only training videos and tools. If your learning style needs something a little more hands-on than an eBook, this training course is definitely the one I'd recommend. Click here to visit SEO Book.


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