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“The Do It Yourself SEO Guide is the Most Helpful Guide for anyone wanting to get Top Search Engine Results.”

Welcome to the Do It Yourself SEO website! Here you'll find all the information that will help you learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization. Check out the bestselling SEO Guide, the SEO Resource page, or check out the What is SEO page. This website is dedicated to pointing you in the right direction towards everything you need to know about SEO in order to be successful.

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Why do it yourself? Why spend all this time when you could simply hire someone or a company to do it all for you? The easiest answer can be summed up in one word: money. Search Engine Optimization will easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars. These days, companies are known to charge anywhere from $50 to $1000 an hour. This isn't because these companies are evil or greedy. It's because search engine optimization is an incredibly valuable and time consuming service and resource.

But what if you could do it yourself for free? What if you could easily learn all the "secrets"? You'll save yourself a ton of money, time, and frustration by doing it all yourself. Plus, you'll have the piece of mind that you brought your website success through your own knowledge and dedication - and that is priceless.

Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself was written to be the ultimate do it yourself SEO resource for you to learn everything there is to know about optimizing your website, and it's my personal recommendation for you.

By using this best selling guide as your main resource, you'll be an expert in no time. The do it yourself guide is written in plain language, and all of the knowledge contained within is laid out simply and intuitively. No confusion or frustration. After using the knowledge that's in this guide, you'll be able to give all the credit to yourself for the incredible success your website will experience. Check out the Do It Yourself SEO Guide.

I've assembled a free resource list of the best of the best SEO guides, software, tools and training available based on real reviews, my own experience, and price (some are free). Just in case you have trouble deciding on which resource you want to go with, I've described each one of them and what they can do for you. Still can't decide? I've graded each resource based on its usefulness to you.

Remember, the grades on the resource page are only meant to be comparable to each other - all of them get an "A+" when compared to everything else that's out there. Check them out yourself - I've only listed the best of the best do it yourself resources! Visit the SEO Resource page!

The SEO Guide

If you're looking for the most helpful and easy to understand do it yourself SEO guide, this is definitely the one for you.
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Do It Yourself SEO

SEO Resources

There are literally thousands available to you on the web. I'll show you a free list of my personal recommendations, and how they'll help you.
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SEO Resources

New to SEO?

Know next to nothing about search engine optimization? Don't worry - I have written an explanation of the basics as a free resource just for you.
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New to SEO?

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Excellent Resource for learning about SEO. Easy-to-read with invaluable, detailed information on how you can optimize your site. It was so well written that I couldn't put it down.
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Christopher Nelson is the author of the #1 SEO guide, Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself. He is an SEO expert that has amassed years of knowledge and experience while working as a search engine optimizer for large media companies, marketing companies, and his own businesses and their hundreds of clients. He currently works as an SEO expert and user interface designer. He lives in Fort Worth, TX.